cyrWhat is Chayon-Ryu?

Chayon-Ryu, "The Natural Way," is a scientific method of teaching martial arts. Following the laws of nature, it emphasizes mental and physical balance rather than simply "kick and punch." Chayon-Ryu is beyond any one style of martial arts. Rather than teaching "a thousand techniques," Chayon-Ryu teaches basic principles that can be used to synthesize the proper defense and response to a variety of situations. Attaining Black Belt in Chayon-Ryu means overall proficiency in these arts, not a Black Belt in each art. ( for more on this please read the article "What is Chayon-Ryu?" by Grandmaster Kim Soo)

I have a belt in another style, will my rank count in Chayon-Ryu?blackbelt


While you hold a belt in another system or style, you do not have training in Chayon-Ryu arts, or method, and do not hold a rank within our system. If you wish to study Chayon-ryu, you must start at white belt and progress through the material from the beginning. We have in our system many black belts who, prior to studying Chayon-Ryu, were black belts in other systems. They humbly started from the beginning to learn the natural way martial arts.

How long does it take to get a black belt in Chayon-Ryu?

Students in Chayon-Ryu progress at individual rates. Time put into class, study and practice will reflect in your progress towards black belt. Promotion to any rank in Chayon-Ryu is not based solely on the physical skills test. Internal growth, spirit and attitude are also evaluated for each level of promotion. If you work regularly, 5 years minimum, from white belt to 1st degree black belt. If you take a slower approach, there is no time limit on it.

I have my own uniform, can I wear it?

All students are required to wear a Chayon-Ryu uniform which can be purchased through our system. If you have a plain white student karate style uniform, you may wear it, but Chayon-Ryu emblems and patches must be worn as well. They are available for purchase through our system.

Do you teach full contact sparring?

No. We teach students to control contact during sparring to avoid injuries, and to teach control sparringmethods. We teach full Hoshin Sul (art of self defense), but do not allow full contact sparring in class for the safety and longevity of our students.


Will I be required to compete in tournaments in order to rank?

No. Chayon-Ryu schools do not participate in tournaments or competitions of any kind. Rank requirements are the skills taught for each belt level, and a proper attitude and mental growth.

What is the beginning age for kids?

We begin accepting white belt students at age 6, which is the age by which they should be able to take instructions, and show proper self discipline in class and respect to the instructor and classmates. They should be able to use the restroom on their own, pack and carry their own equipment, tie their own belt, and follow all dojang rules.

We do offer an introductory class for younger children ages 3-5, to prepare them for the culture of the dojang when they become white belts. check out our KID TIGERS program for more details.

Is there any such thing as child Black Belt?

Common sense would say "no." The idea of taking 3-year-old children and giving them Black Belts at 5 is, to a traditional martial artist, ridiculous.child

"Black Belt" means one has mastered the basics and is now prepared to learn something truly challenging.

Moreover, how is a 5-year-old child going to teach anybody anything? Keep the attention of the other students? Traditional schools require a minimum of five years of steady training to take a First Degree Black Belt test.

In Chayon-Ryu, which has 30 forms from a variety of martial arts styles, that means that students should easily be able to defend themselves in a real attack.

Junior Black Belts are awarded in Chayon-Ryu to students who can legitimately earn them. They then change their red-and-black belts out for an adult Black Belt when they are 16 years of age.

What calendar does Kim Soo Karate of Baytown follow?

We follow the Goose Creek ISD school year calendar for holidays and in service days.

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