KyosanimChiefKyosanim Melissa L. Nichols is the fourth chief instructor/dojang director for Kim Soo Karate in Baytown. She holds the rank of kyosanim, black belt 1st dan with Grandmaster Kim Soo.

She began studying Chayon-Ryu in 2004, started teaching in 2005 as an assistant instructor at Kingwood Chayon-Ryu and Lonestar College Chayon-Ryu. At brown belt she was an instructor at Conroe Chayon-Ryu and received her first black belt promotion in 2010 from Grandmaster Kim Soo at the Chayon-Ryu World Headquaters.

Kyosanim Nichols continues to attend black belt classes and Tuksu Suryon class (teacher clinic) with Grandmaster Kim Soo, and receieves specialized training in the instruction of martial arts. black belts

Ms. Nichols has ten years practical experience in teaching martial arts.

As is required of all black belts in Chayon-Ryu, Ms. Nichols is involved in the active preservation of the history of the Chayon-Ryu system, the arts contained therein, its teaching lineage, and origins. Ms. Nichols is a lifetime member of the International Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association, a member of the Chayon-Ryu Yudanja Hoe (black belt association), serves as special projects coordinator, and system video archivist for Grandmaster Kim Soo, and is also, editor in chief of the online magazine blog, Inside Chayon-Ryu.



Melissa DabneyJokyonim (Professor) Melissa G. Dabney-Ms. Melissa Dabney is a 3rd gup Purple Belt, achieving the position of Jokyonim (Assistant Instructor), and a candidate for Brown Belt 2nd gup.

Ms. Melissa has 15 years experience in teaching kids as a dance instructor, and has been an instructor in Chayon-Ryu for two years.

In addition to her long career as a dance instructor, Holds a masters degree in Sociology and Ms. Melissa is a professor at San Jacinto College.

Ms. Melissa is a lifetime member of the International Chayon-Ryu martial arts association, and attends regular tuksu suryon class (teacher clinic) with Grandmaster Kim Soo recieving specialized training in the instruction of martial arts.

Ms. Melissa was promoted to 3rd Gup, Purple belt on Dec 3rd, 2016 by Grandmaster Kim Soo, and will test for her brown belt 2nd, gup in August of 2017. She is a dedicated student and instructor of Chayon-Ryu.





In Chayon-Ryu ranks of blue belt and above are considered advanced level color belts. Students begin the process of becoming assistant instructors so that by the time a student achieves a black belt, they are capable of running a full class and teaching beginners- 1st brown gup.

Other assistant instructor level students:

Blue Belts

Blue Belts attend Tuksu Suryon class (teacher clinic) to learn how to become teachers


Chayon-Ryu Schools Attended and teachers studied under

  • Lone Star College Chayon-Ryu 2004 - 2007 (Master Kit van Cleave 6th Dan)
  • Kingwood Chayon-Ryu 2004 - 2007 (Sabeomnin Kenneth Young 4th Dan, David Eastwood 4th Dan)
  • Conroe Chayon-Ryu 2008 - 2009 (Sabeom-nim Jerry Glover 3rd Dan)
  • Chayon-Ryu World HQ 2009 - present (Grandmaster Kim Soo 10th Dan, founder of Chayon-Ryu)
  • Other Chayon-Ryu Masters studied under: Master Sean Kim 8th Dan, Master Kim Geary 8th Dan


Chayon-Ryu Kong Award of Merit

For sincere efforts in the continuation and improvement of the International Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association; two time recipient (2012 and 2013).

"By following the 'Basic Principles,' your training builds common sense. By helping the system you are building your Kong. In this manner, Kong is similar to Karma or "Grace." When you give freely of your time and effort, your merit and grace grow, and your life prospers." - Grandmaster Kim Soo (What is Kong?)

Kong awards



Black Belt Dan Certification

bb cert

Chief Instructor Appointment

chief instructor

Certified First Aid CPR AED


Ms. Nichols is has been trained and certified in First Aid, CPR and the use of an AED.
For informaiton on how you can become certified, visit the AHA website, find a class and learn to save lives.
American Heart Association



  • International Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association. Membership entitles members to participate in Chayon-Ryu events, seminars, and special classes appropriate for their belt level. Also, this registers them into the Chayon-Ryu system and keeps their permanent record on file at the main headquarters in Houston, Texas. (Lifetime member)

  • The Yudanja-Hoe is the association of active black belts in Chayon-Ryu, and as a collective body of individuals; they bear the ultimate responsibility for maintaining and preserving the Chayon-Ryu martial arts system founded by Grandmaster Kim Pyung Soo. Another important responsibility of the Yudanja-hoe is to support not only the Houston Chayon-Ryu Headquarters but all Chayon-Ryu dojangs where ever they exist. Teaching classes as volunteers is just one way they support the dojang, but it is one of the most vital aspects of building "Kong" or merit within the system. (Member in good standing)

  • The National Women's Martial Arts Federation, is an organization for women martial artists. Its purpose is to share skills and resources, promote excellence in the martial arts, and encourage the widest range of women to train in the spirit of building individual and collective strength. (Member in good standing)

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