GrandmasterGMKS"Martial arts is knowledge and philosophy."- Grandmaster Kim Soo

A very special man designed Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts:

Grandmaster Kim Soo began his martial arts training as a child in Korea. He was promoted to 1st-Degree Black Belt when he was 13 years old. During high school, he began teaching and dedicated his life to spreading martial arts throughout the world. Since then, he's taught over 70,000 students world wide.

While in college he founded Kwon Bop Martial Arts club at Han Kuk University of Foreign Studies. Since earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian Languages and Literature, Grandmaster Kim founded the karate club at Kon Kuk University and the Korean Taekwon Karate Academy in Seoul, Korea; taught the bodyguards of former Republic of Korea President Syng Man Rhee, members of the Korean Military Intelligence Agency, and personnel of the U. S. Armed Forces. He also served as the first Korean correspondent for BLACK BELT MAGAZINE, authored three best-selling books, and promoted more than 600 Black Belts.gmks

The youngest 10th-degree Black Belt in the world (10th-degree is the highest rank), Grandmaster Kim began teaching at both Rice University and the University of Houston in l968.

In addition to founding his schools in Houston (the World Headquarters of Chayon-Ryu in Spring Branch), he oversees the Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association, which now includes 26 additional locations in Texas, 24 in 20 other states, and one each in Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, The UK, and Russia. Chayon-Ryu is now the largest martial arts system of any style in the Southwestern United States.

2013This year, 2014, Grandmaster Kim celebrates his Sapphire Anniversary, marking 46 years since he briefly left his wife and young son in Korea to "teach martial arts teachers," as his rare visa of the time read.

Grandmaster Kim Soo has received many honors over the last 46 years:

For more about Grandmaster Kim Soo's prestigeous honors and awards, review his awards and honors web page.

Kim Soo

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"Martial arts is knowledge and philosophy." - Grandmaster Kim Soo


Grandmaster Kim Soo has been honored by ASIAN PACIFIC HERITAGE MONTH on My20 and FOX26

GMKS presents black belt


A man of great wisdom, strength, and integrity, Grandmaster Kim Soo has, since his arrival in the U. S., welcomed students of all backgrounds, ages, races, colors, religions, and both sexes -- an unusual posture indeed for a martial arts instructor in the 1960s.

His emphasis on health, safety, and fitness has combined with his technique instruction to build a world-famous traditional martial arts system which is truly a beneficial way of life.



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