SPRING 2018 SCHEDULE-- Jan 13th - May 26th

The regular schedule is below. New Student evaluations and Private lessons are available on Saturdays; please call or email Kyosanim to make arrangements.

Holiday schedule changes will be announced in class and/or on our facebook page, and EMAILED OUT. Make sure we have a working email address for you.

Try to arrive 5 minutes early to class so you can:

use the restroom, warm up & practice. All classes consist of group warm up, fundamentals, and forms. We may or may not spar in every class, but always bring sparring pads, and other equipment. Be prepared.



KID TIGERS (age 3-5)
class pending enrollment
9:00am - 9:30am
Kyosanim/ Jokyonim





*Intermediate and advanced students may attend beginner class. The review will only improve your understanding of the basic principles.

**Beginners may stay for comined training if they are capable of working on their own if given a practice assignment.

***Sparring class-you must have good attendance in regular training in order to participate in sparring class.

Students are welcome to attend all class times, beginners may use intermediate and advanced class times to practice inthe back of the dojang on their own with instructor permission and supervision. Kid Tigers may only attend their assigned class day/time (this is for safety).

We follow the 2017-2018 Goose Creek Independent School District calendar for events and holidays during our fall and spring sessions.

All students are encouraged to attend and participate in events hosted by the World Headquarters Dojang in Spring Branch. To see their calendar go here.